COI brought our business into the 21st century and saved us a bundle. They felt more like a business partner than a vendor.

COI is dedicated to providing the latest communications technologies to markets throughout Ohio. Don't restrict your business! Bring it into the future with highly dynamic service offerings from COI! Let us show you a real alternative for your local or long distance phone service. We cover the Sprint, Verizon, and Ameritech service areas throughout Ohio and maintain our own digital switching facilities in Columbus.

Your success is our priority

We are committed to helping you succeed. Whether you manage a business, a school, a medical practice or a non-profit organization, we can help you design the communications solution that best fits your needs and requirements. For over 22 years, Communications Options has been working alongside our customers to provide guidance, advice and access to the most advance technologies available. And we are very proud of the fact that many of our customers have been with us for much of our own history.

We offer:

  • The most advanced premise communications systems available
  • A state of the art digital network
  • Local, long distance, internet and data services
  • Online, off premise, data backup and storage solutions
  • Voice and video conferencing services and systems
  • Customer access portals and web site design and hosting
  • Hosted PBX and applications
COI Announces The Availability of Our Cloud Computing Platform

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